Harvey Norman Attacked for Logging Practices

Retail giant Harvey Norman has come under fire for their timber sourcing habits, with the company using timber from native Australian old growth forests as well as Indonesian rainforest timber in their furniture. Elizabeth McArthur reports.

Proposal for animal property rights causes a stir

A proposal by university professor Dr John Hadley to grant endangered animals property rights has caused a number of farmers groups and ecologists to react. Jamesina McLeod reports.

Green Burials

Some Australians are taking their commitment to the environment to the grave, opting for eco-friendly burials where headstones are replaced by GPS coordinates. Elizabeth Pratt reports.

Indigenous fishing tradition in danger of disappearing

The number of indigenous fishermen on the NSW south coast has fallen to just eight and the 125 year old tradition is now in danger of disappearing. Daniel Walsh writes.

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Bugs as replacement for red meat?

With a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions coming from meat production there is a push for an alternative that is more sustainable. Anne Winther Rasmussen reports from Holland on the use insects as a replacement for red meat.

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Dying Eco-Friendly

One woman in Sweden has found a way to give back to the earth with a controversial system that turns your body into compost. Filmed and edited by Nicole Cairns Law Sau Ying Anokhee Shah.

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Expanding ecotourism in Norway

With a vast amount of wilderness Norway is reaping benefits from a sustainable and environmentally-friendly expanding ecotourism industryHugo Pilon-Larose has the story. Produced by Dave Fanner, Hugo Pilon-Larose and Kimberly Ivany.

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Noise pollution in Copenhagen

Denmark is one of the nosiest Scandinavian countries with 70 per cent of the population suffering from noise pollution. Dario Bosio documents one woman’s experience in Copenhagen.

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CO2-neutrality in Denmark

A small island in Denmark became CO2-neutral in less than ten years. Several bigger cities in Denmark now try to accomplish the same. Miriam Ønya reports.

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Traffic pollution reduction in Copenhagen

Denmark’s capital Copenhagen wants to be the CO2 neutral by 2025. But transport pollution is a major contributer to greenhouse gas emissions. Linda Arponen, Liisi Mölder and Asta Smagurauskaite report on the ways Denmark is searching to reduce traffic pollution.

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Rare but everywhere

Brigid Mullane spoke to Dr Matthew James on Australia’s nascent rare earth industry and its place in the international market.

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Live export versus Australian halal meat

Frozen halal meat from Australia is sold in supermarkets in the Middle-East alongside meat from animals shipped there live in controversial conditions. Michael Carter reports on the alternatives to live export.

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